Three months in… I’m slow

Switching from a full time job in an office with several other employees, being told what to do and when to do it, to working from home for myself has been a difficult transition. I don’t regret it at all, I really enjoy the work I do. I can pick the clients and only take on projects that I want to. However it’s not all good.

It didn’t take me long to realise I’m slow. To make the business profitable and to keep my head above water I need to be turning websites around in roughly 2 weeks, for the current prices I am charging.

I enjoy what I do and like to develop new skills so I use these projects to test my ability and learn new things. I can now tinker with jQuery and make magical things happen, which Read More

And so it begins…I go freelance

I finally made the hard decision of leaving my stable 9-5 job with the regular income to face the world of freelancing seo and web design. I am taking the opportunity to try and better myself, progress my skills and push myself further, more than I would be able to working for an agency.

I will try to keep this blog regularly updated with my progress as a freelancer, all the ups and downs and any obstacles I run into along the way. I will also do the occasional blog post about SEO as Google are constantly making updates, keeping the SEO’s on their toes.

The first month i’m going to take it slow. I’m working on side projects to add to my portfolio/testimonials that should keep me busy. As I have not had a holiday this year I will also use this opportunity to have a bit of a break from working 45+ hours a week and enjoy spending time with my worse better half.